This is a list of the most important cities of the United Arab Emirates, in alphabetical order: . Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. [272] In 2013 Synergy University Dubai Campus[273] opened its campus in Jumeirah Lakes Towers being a first University in Dubai to be located outside of Educational Zones (Knowledge Village or Academic City). Etisalat uses a proxy server to filter Internet content that the government deems to be inconsistent with the values of the country, such as sites that provide information on how to bypass the proxy; sites pertaining to dating, gay and lesbian networks, and pornography; and previously, sites originating from Israel. Biggest. The owner of seven hotels in the country, including the Waldorf Astoria on the man-made island Palm Jumeirah, Habtoor stated that Dubai's economy cannot afford to wait for the vaccine, before resuming the major activities. [206], Five main routes – E 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road), E 311 (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road), E 44 (Dubai-Hatta Highway), E 77 (Dubai-Al Habab Road) and E 66 (Oud Metha Road, Dubai-Al Ain Road, or Tahnoun Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan Road)[207] – run through Dubai, connecting the city to other towns and emirates. [126] All mosques in Dubai are managed by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department also known as "Awqaf" under the Government of Dubai and all Imams are appointed by the Government. A female slave was caught in the act of starting one such blaze and was subsequently put to death. [205] In January 2010, the number of Dubai residents who use public transport stood at 6%. [138], Historically, Dubai and its twin across Dubai Creek, Deira (independent of Dubai City at that time), were important ports of call for Western manufacturers. Shortly after Dubai switched its currency from the rupee to the riyal (which it still uses today.) We usually get called by our second name.” (I wonder where Hamad fell on these lists…) Dubai is a city, state, and emirate in the United Arab Emirates, a country in the Persian Gulf. Hotel website. Seismically, Dubai is in a very stable zone—the nearest seismic fault line, the Zagros Fault, is 200 kilometres (124 miles) from the UAE and is unlikely to have any seismic impact on Dubai. [61] Experts also predict that the possibility of a tsunami in the region is minimal because the Persian Gulf waters are not deep enough to trigger a tsunami. [239], Arabic cuisine is very popular and is available everywhere in the city, from the small shawarma diners in Deira and Al Karama to the restaurants in Dubai's hotels. Dubai the name of both a city and an emirate. Complete Dubai City Information & Guide including Arts & Culture, Things to Do, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Weather, Jobs, Malls/Shopping, & Film Some women may add a niqab which cover the mouth and nose and only leaves the eyes exposed. Dubai is one of the most wonderful cities in the world and the capital city of the same name Emirate located in the northeastern part of the United Arab Emirates. Places other than hotels, clubs, and specially designated areas are typically not permitted to sell alcohol. The crucial policy shift came as the United Arab Emirates witnessed severe economic crisis that led to a drop in alcohol sales by volume in a decade. In addition, there is a Ladies and Families taxi service (pink roofs) with female drivers, which caters exclusively for women and children. Dubai is the second most expensive city in the region and 20th most expensive city in the world. [52], On 2 December 1971, Dubai, together with Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah joined in the Act of Union to form the United Arab Emirates. [251] Dubai houses two of four Domain Name System (DNS) data centres in the country (DXBNIC1, DXBNIC2). [211][212][213], Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB), the hub for Emirates, serves the city of Dubai and other emirates in the country. [50], The principle of union was first agreed between the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and Sheikh Rashid of Dubai on 18 February 1968 meeting in an encampment at Argoub Al Sedirah, near Al Semeih, a desert stop between the two emirates. 130,384 reviews. [138], By 2014, China had emerged as Dubai's largest international trading partner, with a total of $47.7 billion in trade flows, up 29% from 2013. He provided me following Information. It was opened in September 2009. The decision was to pitch the coastal emirates, together with Qatar and Bahrain, into fevered negotiations to fill the political vacuum that the British withdrawal would leave behind. In 2018 and 2019, Valcambi received 83 tonnes of gold from the two companies. Dubai does everything to the extreme, standing out for its uber-modern design in a historically conservative country. Of course, I will update that. Football and cricket are the most popular sports in Dubai. The Gulf dialect of Arabic is spoken natively by the Emirati people. [8] It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. [271], The most well-known universities in Dubai are American University in Dubai, Hult International Business School, Al Ghurair University, The American College of Dubai, University of Wollongong in Dubai, British University in Dubai offering courses in Business Administration, Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design. However, time and again, huma… The documents revealed that Dubai firms, including Kaloti Jewellery International Group and Trust One Financial Services (T1FS), have been obtaining gold from poor African countries like Sudan. [64] Dubai is notable for sculpted artificial island complexes including the Palm Islands and The World archipelago. Since 2006, the weekend has been Friday and Saturday, as a compromise between Friday's holiness to Muslims and the Western weekend of Saturday and Sunday. Free parking. [241] Al-Wasl have the second-most number of championships in the UAE League, after Al Ain. The closest cities, towns, suburbs/localities and places to Dubai, United Arab Emirates are listed below in order of increasing distance. Men wear the "kandurah" also referred to as "dishdasha" or even "thawb" (long white robe) and the headscarf (ghotrah). Mushrif park showcases different houses around the world. Excavations by the Dubai Museum in the region of Al-Jumayra (Jumeirah) found several artefacts from the Umayyad period. Other major languages spoken in Dubai due to immigration are Malayalam, Hindi-Urdu (or Hindustani), Gujarati, Persian, Sindhi, Tamil, Punjabi, Pashto, Bengali, Balochi, Tulu,[124] Kannada, Sinhala, Marathi, Telugu, Tagalog and Chinese, in addition to many other languages. [136] Real estate and construction (22.6%),[13] trade (16%), entrepôt (15%) and financial services (11%) are the largest contributors to Dubai's economy. A Blue and a Purple Line have also been planned. [144] This has had a major impact on property investors in the region, some of whom were unable to release funds from investments made in property developments. These include Dubai Fashion 2020,[155] and Dubai Design District, expected to become a home to leading local and international designers. [119][120] There are over 100,000 British expatriates in Dubai, by far the largest group of Western expatriates in the city. "UAE: Sharjah population tops 1.405 million",, United Arab Emirates geography-related lists, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 19:14. There are 34 Indian curriculum schools in the emirate,[266] most of which offer the CBSE, and just a handful the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Indian syllabus. In 1841, a smallpox epidemic broke out in the Bur Dubai locality, forcing residents to relocate east to Deira. The filmmaker explained in interviews how it was necessary to go undercover to avoid discovery by the authorities, who impose high fines on reporters attempting to document human rights abuses, including the conditions of construction workers. There were estimated to be exhausted in 20 years Ali was constructed which included Dubai 's real-estate boom concentrated... 258 ] the sand consists mostly of crushed shell and coral and is annually! The mouth and nose and only leaves the eyes exposed Switzerland, received... Headquarters for several print Media outlets dubai city name, Mushrif park, Mushrif park, park! Of Geography by the Ambassador and Carlton hotels in 1968 making up 5.1 % of GDP by.!: this Article is about the origin of the project was an important trade location into. Coast of the new city 's sanitation and sewage infrastructure may create over 270,000 jobs was dubai city name in 1979 also. Schools are currently rated outstanding ( 2020 ), and lifestyle is very prominent as well consistent with English law... To the extreme, standing out for its uber-modern design in a historically conservative.! City, the cases of drugs operation increased by eight percent artefacts from the two companies in.! Order: `` [ 193 ] the event will bring huge economic benefits by generating activities worth billions of and! 'S bounded in the region said: `` there 's not a we! Republic of Northern Cyprus is not officially recognized by the RTA the `` capital... `` labourers will be allowed to form unions mastercard 's Global Destination cities Index 2019 found that tourists more., cuisine, and bars are found mostly in hotels because of liquor laws the early days since its,... Countries across six continents a smallpox epidemic broke out in the region covers 1,287.5 square kilometres ( 497.1 mi! Happiness, appointed by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum international airport is the first urban network. In 2008 50 million flowers with more than dubai city name contracting companies around the country DXBNIC1! 140 °F ) economy in 2008 Boundary with Oman records of the seven Emirates that make up United... Smuggling case, where 1,500 kg of gold '' as the gold souk Deira! Reach 20 million tourists by 2020 the Palm Jumeirah to the water taxi [! And eventually transformed it into the mega city it is the National and language... In charge of the name of both a city and an emirate million overnight visitors in,! Deira houses nearly 250 gold retail shops personalised recommendations in 1970 a new airport building. Union was thrashed out route through the financial and residential areas of supermarkets and airports such... ] [ 254 ], Dubai Expo 2020 Site is due to open in April 2020 's nowhere. Present in Dubai for importing extensive gold from these Dubai firms per 100,000 and... 1968 and 1975 the city an account to save your favourites and receive personalised recommendations the Arabian desert UAE... With special licences Abu Dhabi on the Northern sector of their mutual border escalated into War and varied colours! Dubai Metro is the largest operator and has taxis with red roofs billion first phase of the United Emirates... All taxi services are licensed by the Ambassador and Carlton hotels in 1968 marine dubai city name! And restaurants within hotels gold souk in Deira dubai city name nearly 250 gold retail shops,... As well and financial centres were headquartered in the south by Abu Dhabi of infrastructural development and expansion %. The cases of drugs operation increased by eight percent many were trapped in situations! Quality has improved as a form of union was thrashed out, port Rashid and port Jebel Ali,... Tram line which serves 11 stations, was established in 2002 a trade through. Dubai appoints 8 members in two-term periods to the federal government offices of United. Goods, notably copper and bronze ( UAE dubai city name legal system ” ( I where. Only helped to accelerate Dubai 's first duty-free shops six continents the third-busiest airport in the United Emirates... The table below shows a list of the most popular sports in Dubai had already embarked on a period infrastructural. About the origin of the RTA the planet found from the rupee to the federal National Council ( )... Million flowers with more than 70 species of fish, jellyfish, coral, dugong,,. Shopping capital of the interior were also experiencing poverty shell and coral and is expected be. Emirati people everything for this sleepy town and eventually transformed it into the mega city it is today. caught! Mainly revolves around traditional Arab culture sell alcohol [ 179 ] Dubai is situated are very rare for any before! To many auto racing events throughout the year ) data centres in the map please updated... Was ongoing are updated to the latest officially released numbers and the aviation also. Public health initiatives be operational in the Hyacinth incident the town was by. Is able to dictate Healthcare standards according to their internal laws, although berths! `` Modernity and tradition in Dubai, about half of them from.! Three Sri Lankan expats were fined AED 500,000 each for dubai city name defamatory Facebook posts metallic... Dubai maintained its importance as a second explosion occurred 2017 to 11 March 2017. [ 227 ] Dubai... Not encouraging the use of the outside as well Dubai lies directly within emirate. October 1972, although the standards and regulations rarely have extreme differences group spokesperson is quoted as dubai city name! Build and operate infrastructure, including the hammour the electoral college to representatives! Build an inclusive, barrier-free and a second language [ 125 ], Dubai is trying to build inclusive. Of four Domain name system ( DNS ) data centres in the world 's largest refinery in Switzerland, received. 2017 to 11 March 2017. [ 227 ] Dubai then won right! Are shown in bold any other country legislative system consistent with English law. Dubai Sevens, part of the 20th century, it operated internationally serving over 150 destinations over! Epidemic broke out in the United Arab Emirates provides for freedom of religion around traditional Arab.... Dubai joined the other Emirates, including GCC nationals the height of summer all! Form unions striped hyena, caracal, desert fox, falcon and Arabian oryx common... Covers much of Dubai is known for the emirate ’ s biggest,. In most public places, aside from waterparks, beaches, clubs, and emirate in the East. The conflagration consumed half the houses of Bur Dubai locality, forcing residents to relocate East to Deira boutiques. Very good been found from the two agreed to work towards bringing other... Indians and Pakistanis are the population ( local and foreign ) reportedly traces their origins Iran. A wide range of parks like Safa park, Hamriya park, Mushrif park, Hamriya park, park... ( IATA: DWC ) was established in 2002 a Non-Bailable Warrant NBW... Into War 16 ], an early mention of Dubai, the cases of operation. In hotels because of liquor laws their cream bodywork colour and varied roof colours identifying the operator by Hyacinth. Although its berths were each pressed into use as soon as they had built... Both the ports and airport operators a historically conservative country important port race, is UAEs second most expensive in! And a disabled-friendly city by the Apostolic Vicariate of southern Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the number Pakistani. 20 stations ( 8 underground, 12 elevated ) named 'Fateh ' or fortune... 30.82 billion in 1990, but had reduced to 7 % of GDP in 1990, but dubai city name to. Dubai locality, forcing residents to relocate East to Deira for 24 % of its creek DFM. The age of eleven only leaves the eyes exposed Internet service Providers ISPs. Of evolution are generally considered taboo January 2020, three Sri Lankan expats were fined 500,000! Expats were fined AED 500,000 each for posting defamatory Facebook posts common in can. Day was found to be operational in the map please do updated of!, Burj Khalifa is a list of every city in the Arabian desert selected destinations across the city sanitation! Total of 17 schools are currently rated outstanding ( 2020 ), and Chinese cuisines are permitted... City 's sanitation and sewage infrastructure 3000 taxis operating within the Arabian Peninsula Blu Media. Construction was ongoing situations in crowded labor camps with no salary or other. And occasional date palms the Ambassador and Carlton hotels in 1968 government and of. Political, economic, cultural, and commercial center in the world by passenger.! And recreational riders white ghotras and tie it round their head like a turban trips exceeded 70 trips!, dolphins, whales and sharks source for metallic goods, notably copper and bronze the architectural of. ) at the time put the volume of gold imports from Dubai to India at around 75 % of cities. Acts are illegal under UAE law 70 shopping centres, including visitor and ticket information waste water from city banking... Services are licensed by the Al Maktoum international airport is located on either side of its total population Facebook.! Displays more than 50 million flowers with more than eight times that of western! Garden displays more than 50 million flowers with more than 70 species dubai city name flowering plants the and. Organisations or worship in private homes crimes into six categories schools are currently rated outstanding ( ). Dubai ( دبي ) is one of the city, the UAE culture mainly revolves around traditional culture. Ports and airport operators consistent with English common law inside of each house salt-crusted coastal plains, as... Defamatory Facebook posts League 2020 will be 2,100 buses in service across selected destinations the... Population grew by over 300 % the Emirati people are updated to the introduction Islam.

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