Dear Amanda, The bags that Lowes are 2.0 cubic feet (not 3.0 cubic feet) and I’m not sure of their selling price. You asked if I get a lot of spam in my blog. Try not to get the leaves wet. First of all, about the Mel’s Mix: when the manufacturer goes to the different big box stores, they all want a different bag so they have something that is more individual. Mel: see my response in prior comment made a few minutes ago. I am finding that your mix from Home Depot is cheaper than making it ourselves from the local nursery for 96 cu ft. The plan is to go to the internet, order, and then have two options: a) if you’ll pay the delivery, they’ll ship it to your house b) if your local Home Depot already has inventory of Mel’s Mix, you can place your order and pick it up free at that store. Send me some pictures, so I can share them with others. Tell me what the advantages are said to be. I had to order via phone since no store in Colorado had it. We ordered 68 bags and it should be here in a few days. Hi Mel, I went to order a bunch of your mix online from Home Depot (it’s not carried here locally) and was charged $10 per bag for shipping. It wasn’t listed on their website, but they had quite a bit in stock. We really have nothing to do with the situation. A couple of notes: 6. Your situation applies to so many people in the world and when you don’t feel good, why even get up you think. Do not try to order on the internet, you cannot negotiate with a computer. I’ll use it for demonstrations. The 2 square feet, I’m not sure what you mean. Well let’s see if we can help you out. Googled…bought your e-book and consumed it in 2 days and started ordering plants and seeds. I see another order of Mel’s mix in my future. Belinda was trained under Mel Bartholomew (Mr. Square Foot Gardening, himself), teaches square foot gardening classes in Utah, and trains anyone who wants to become Square Foot Gardening certified! Just one complaint, unfortunately a big one. Yes it is the same product…sometimes in different size, color and descriptive bags. Tell me the exact title cause there are several now over the years, or describe the photo on the cover. 1. The shipping fee listed is $150, not $55. 2. That won’t last long so I would order pretty quick. Can you send me some pictures of your garden, even during construction, and early growth? how many bags do i need to get for a normal size square foot garden? I’m sorry to hear your story. (We own about 6 acres, but it is all hills and what is flat either has a building on it or is clear on the other side of the property. It would be even more valuable if you could help someone else get started with you and help them understand the system. Without even calculating their time and travel expenses from going here to there and then the mixing process…they have always concluded that I wish I just bought the Mel’s Mix bags. Square Foot Gardening Crossword Do not try to order on the internet, you cannot negotiate with a computer. Many of the Lowes stores carry Mel’s Mix (¤tURL=%3FNtt%3Dgarden%2Btime&facetInfo=), so it’s a matter of calling them and making sure you give the correct title (Garden Time company, Square Foot Gardening Potting Soil Mix, Item #: 383743, Model #: GT 11730, 32 qt – which equals 1.3 cu. If you box is smaller or different than that, just write me back and I’ll help you with that size. I did buy more pre-made Mel’s Mix so I can plant more baby salad greens mix in whatever small containers I can scrounge up. Mel Bartholomew March 15, 2013 at 4:38 pm - You make a good point about calling it a potting soil mix. You cannot have it shipped to your local store at this present time. He then tried to order it online and ship it to the store. Call 1-800-430-3376. Thanks so much! I sent a copy of your response immediately the same day I recieved it and if they haven’t gotten back to you, I’m a little embarrassed, but we’ll follow it up again. Thanks, Try again the next day and hope it works then. So please do the following All I can advise is as mentioned on my blog, treat it just like the weather…wait until tomorrow and it might be a sunny day and then you can go to the beach. I said hmm, what’s that! Mel also believed that teaching people in underserved countries how to grow their own fresh produce was a reasonable solution to help end world hunger. I am going to contact my local LOWE’S and see if they can get your soil in stock. As a favor from everyone reading this, please call your Home Depot store and tell them you want Mel’s Mix and ask them to please get it on the shelf. The whole process was very easy and I would recommend it to anyone who is having problems purchasing online. Here’s what we recommend for anyone who wants Mel’s Mix shipped to their front door. You might also tell them it’s a good product and why can’t they just put in every store. I would not change the mixture unless you aren’t home often enough to make sure the garden soil stays moist down below the surface. The local Las Vegas LOWES stores has Mel’s mix on sale at just over $4.00. The world's most popular alternative gardening method Since Square Foot Gardening was first introduced in 1981, the revolutionary new way to garden developed by Mel Bartholomew has helped millions of home gardeners grow more fresh produce in less space and with less work. I know I sound like a broken record… everyone up here has said the same thing. 1. The originator of the system, Mel Bartholomew, has now died but his genial presence fills the book. 6. I’m going to list the ingredients in the next paragraph for you along with the manufacturer Grow-Well guarantee. Sure, … I was thinking to add some vermiculite to the mix since it only uses perlite. Highly recommended for flower and vegetable gardens, Ideal potting soil mix for raised garden beds, planters and pots. 5. Item # 383743 Clockwise from top: compost, peat moss (or coco coir), and coarse vermiculite. Actually it all happened last night and today. Water at the base of the plant. From what is locally available, we were looking to use the following composts and looking for others: I had to try it to believe it, and since then have helped and will continue to help others grow their own food. I think vermiculite is cheaper on the east coast, while peat moss is the same price on both coasts. What a wonderful solution and I can imagine your joy in seeing that UPS truck drive up to your front door. That’s called supply and demand, but we’ve got to furnish proof of the demand and then it will work. I tired to order 15 bags of Mel’s mix online with Home Depot. I’ve already picked out some fall crops to plant late summer: turnips, parsnips, acorn squash, cauliflower. Don’t call your local store, there is nothing they can do for you. I can’t imagine why they’re selling it at half price. Wanted to order 32 bags of Mel’s Mix and have it delivered to our Community Garden in Chillicothe, Ohio. Also I am curious why the mix is so much more. It’s just really, really, REALLY discouraging to not be able to get the potting soil mix from Home Depot without having to haggle or beg. Now it won’t matter whether your local stores carry it, but we’re hoping for the long run that they do. Model # GT 11730 Not sure what that’s about. ft. They want to charge me $150 for shipping a product that costs $134.55. After several days, if it doesn’t change back to $55, then I have to assume they are going to keep it at $150. Here’s what I would like you to do for me. Then back to max of $55. I’ve got one of the larger ones and 1 smaller one filled with mix. I’ve just tried to place an order for 32 bags of Mel’s Mix from Home Depot online. My husband and I built our 2×4 box this past weekend. They seemed to have settled now on $150 maximum and they have been a little upset at the number of calls. Is the &55fee no longer available? I want to order, but don’t know how to compare. Everything is decided by Home Depot. You just go to the garden store and buy the best potting soil that is made by another company and never tell anyone I told you. Since manufacturers keep changing the size of the bags each year, they started ours with 2 cubic foot per bag then went down to 1.5 cubic feet and some even said 64 quarts per bag. It doesn't always have to be the same. As a result of your letter, I’m going to write a new column and actually show the different bags and what they look like at different big box stores. After several days, if it doesn’t change back to $55, then I have to assume they are going to keep it at $150. Next year new boxes will find homes on the ground, after we figure out what we want to do to make them sorta level.) Even our supplier cannot control the matter either. Mel’s mix gives you a nearly perfect soil right from the start. And the whole system is really so simple and easy most people end up saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Here are the 10 basics of Square Foot Gardening. It was invented by backyard gardener and engineer Mel Bartholomew. Pick an area that gets 6-8 hours of sunshine daily. Don’t call your local store, there is nothing they can do for you. $8.98 a bag. You raise a good point and thank you for telling us about your experience. What I was mostly wondering about is over wintering herbs indoors, but that then led me to wonder about common houseplants as our outdoor gardens are doing so well in your recipe. they seemed to have settled now on $150 maximum and they have been a little upset at my office or me calling to ask them to settle on one reasonable number and leave it alone. As of today Home Depot is charging $150 for shipping for 16 bags. 2. Thanks! Let’s get Colorado as one of the states stocking this mix. I’m sure if you mean using containers in place of a square box. You’ll have more fun taking care of each square and it will get more attention and reward you more because of that. In the past, Home Depot has changed the shipping from $55 maximum, then to $150 maximum, then to no longer available. First, we’re going to assume you’re using Mel’s Mix as prescribed in the All New Square Foot Gardening book which is, by volume, 1/3 peat moss (or coco coir) Here is a link to a local store website in San Diego: Do you know if it contains sheep manure which is something my wife would like to avoid? Hope that helps you and you are able to find Mel’s Mix. Mel: We made 3 4’x8′ boxes and 2 4’x4′. You didn’t mention what the ingredients are in your Happy Frog Mix and did you buy enough to fill your boxes. The benefits of the mix included keeping soil friable and virtually weed free with all the necessary nutrients. 5. (For convenience, and protection. How many? Peat. Mel Bartholomew’s mix for the the best soil for raised bed vegetable gardening is simple: 1 part compost – Make your own, or If you live in Arizona the compost from Arizona Worm Farm is great. Mel's mix is nutritionally balanced, holds moisture well, and contains no weed seed. I can, of course, have it shipped to my home for more than double the retail price!!! I think you need to fight to have it available everywhere! Grow Rich: DPW? ft. bag and it’s named Square Foot Gardening Potting Soil Mix. Should we adjust the recipe for our area? I don’t know if it’s possible for you to order, lets say 10 pallets, just for your store, sell a good part of them right away and then have the rest for other folks…if this was possible for you, I would be glad to advertise to our audience that if they want Mel’s Mix, they can go right to your store, with your contact information. We have been told the more customers that make comments and complaints will be much better results. Let me know how many bags you’re getting and how big your garden is. ), Be sure it is not near trees and shrubs. Calling it Potting soil is a bit contradicting since Mels Mix is a soiless mix I was pleased to hear of your location because I don’t know if you know it or not, but I invented Square Foot Gardening right on Long Island, out on the North Shore, between Stoneybrook and Port Jeffereson. But please bear with us an keep supporting us. We really have nothing to do with the situation. Ingredients: 30-40% compost, +Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coir,+ Vermiculite, & Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Kelp Meal, Cottonseed Meal, Alfalfa Meal, and Worm Castings. I have 12″ of planting space! In fact, you’ve encouraged me to write a new blog as follows…”Two Words of Advice – 1. If it’s too much, say “Tell your boss that’s way too much and I have to cancel my order. 2) New Direction - Locate your garden "on top" of existing soil. Since you live in Florida, you have a whole fall and winter of growing ahead of you…so take advantage of it. They will not ship the product to their store or carry it in their store. Earth Essentials: Cow & chicken manure & wood by-products But if it is from Home Depot or Lowes, it should be an official product. And since it is only a 1/2 foot deep (6 inches) that would equal 8 cubic feet. It makes the $150 sound good. EKO Original: may not use because it contains peat moss and perlite, just trying to find at least 5 types. You cannot have it shipped to your local store at this present time. Just like as if you had your garden in a big flower pot. Mel Bartholomew wants to revolutionize the way Americans grow vegetables. Do you know have any room outdoors like a patio, deck, or rooftop to put one of the boxes? The more people who ask for it both the big box stores and the private nurseries, the sooner they will carry it. So bless you for persevering and starting your SFG. ft., 44.8831 quarts is 1.5 cu. Keep trying and Good Luck! The power is in the customer, not in the supplier. Had to pay $55 shipping. If you use bagged, then a mix of several different types is best. I guess they want everyone to think they have an exclusive product. I found a different bag. 1. Dear Audrey, We have done SFG in a box, in the winter, indoors…but we hung florescent lights above the box. Try again the next day and hope it works then. But we are not sure if we still add vermiculite, peat moss and compost. Dear Tom, I have a friend in California who ordered 175 bags and got them for $55 shipping. The problem is it takes a new product and manufacturer years and years of effort and toil to get in all the local nursery and big box garden centers. Or look in the phone book and call your local nurseries and garden centers. The components of Mel's Mix (which is 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 compost) are readily available at your local garden center. Because when they try to order online, you can’t negotiate with a computer. So hopefully we can get over all these hurdles and get the Mel’s Mix out where the people need and want it. It is possible Lowe’s carries them on the east coast as well, clearancing them each year at the end of the season to make room for other items. so it is worth trying again, and again if necessary. 3. Even if you don’t need any Mel’s Mix right now, you would be doing all of us a big favor by calling your local Home Depot to make sure you can order it when you are ready and then we can tell others that the system is working and it is available if they order it online. Thank you for all of your help and support. So please do not call them to try and get them to change the shipping. Mel, I so appreciate your generous spirit, expertise and creativity! They cannot order it- the counter guy was great- he called Home Depot- they said I would have to pay the shipping. I’ll get to the rest tomorrow. I was so excited to find Mel’s Mix online but when I called HD’s customer service I was told they could only ship to my home. What did the people at the nursery where you bought the Happy Frog mix say about that mix? But considering our nearest Home Depot is over 60 miles away we would have paid about 24 dollars for gas to get there and back. I’m trying to order it online and it wont let me, it says its not carried in stores. If you’d like a book, we have several available on our website. So do some phoning and see what you can do for us. Thanks again for your very informative letter and all of the information you have collected. Mel. They cannot help me. It has the info for Lowes. How much can you order for your customers? The whole SFG system is based upon…Forget everything you’ve ever learned about typical backyard gardening. All I can advise is as mentioned on my blog, treat it just like the weather…wait until tomorrow and it might be a sunny day and then you can go to the beach. It’s a very simple common sense method. So please do not call them to try and get them to change the shipping. 4. I’m just going to have to go find a regular top soil and cave the way everone else out here keeps telling me to do… I just really wanted an authentic SFG. Do you have your boxes, and grids and ground weed fabric all ready?? You cannot have it shipped to your local store at this present time. All best, Home Depot sells 1.5 cu ft for $8.97 (63% more). Tell your distributor they really need to fix the situation. But as I mentioned previously, I got in trouble trying to reason with them and we were told if Mel or anyone from the SFG Foundation calls again, they will take the product out of the catalog. The nature of this method means that weeding and hoeing are minimised. The size of a box is usually 4 ft by 4 ft, which equals 16 square feet. Thank you Sandy for your experience and let’s hope everyone follows your suggestions. What happened to the $55? The passing of a legend, yet his legacy lives on… and keeps on growing. Here’s what others have accomplished. It doesn't always have to be the same. P.S. One of the big advantages of having them make their own compost is of course it cleans up the neighborhood. careful not to over water – this special soil holds water like a sponge. You want to keep the surface from baking and drying out. You can still call them on the 800 number to place your order, but you cannot call them to ask to have your order shipped to your local store, even though it looks like that is an option on their website. Thank you. Will you do that for me? Compost is the most important (and probably cheapest) component, which you can blend on your own and have more than 5. Even our supplier cannot control the matter either. Obviously I know it will contain peat moss, vermiculite, and compost but I would like to know what makes up the compost. Each store brand wants their own ideas put into each bag and sometimes they insist we change the size of the bag, the color, even the name of the mix. since we don’t have a Home Depot anywhere near us). Boy are you lucky. So right now, as of this date, you can order Mel’s Mix anywhere in the continental USA and have it shipped to your house. Can you sell that much? I looked at raised bed kits on, and in the product reviews someone said they bought this for a Square Foot Garden, and filled it with Mel’s Mix. As a matter of interest, just to show you how confusing products can be, I used to tell people how many cubic feet of compost they need and the next year, all of the compost manufacturers started listing not how many cubic feet were in thier bag, but how many pounds it weighed. But our flower pot is square and much bigger, but about the same depth (6 inches) and it is filled with the perfect soil. Build bottomless boxes to hold new soil mix. That’s great news! So if we bought 6 bags times 1.5 would equal 9 cubic feet. It tells you, for what size box, how much Mel’s Mix you need in cubic feet. Please find another distributer. You could order a whole pallet of 50 bags for $55 dollars. We are excited to try square foot gardening. ), Area must not puddle after a heavy rain. The customer service rep said the shipping program is new and hopefully will be available to all store by the end of the year. But it has to be overhead light…natural from a sky light or artificial lights plugged in above the plants. Someone once told me, its harder to find coarse vermiculite so it’s worth buying Mel’s Mix all bagged rather than spending time looking for the vermiculite portion alone. Another point you might consider, especially when talking with others, is your Mel’s Mix is going to last you for at least 10 years. You can do it. You’ve got the perfect solution and at the price is right! , planters and pots deals when they stopped using the square Foot grid for same! Then went to the house to up to each of you 2 New... My wife would like to know what makes up the compost bags 1.5... So hopefully we can help you out this is where they do differ hands on mix... In my next column, i ’ m going to list the ingredients separately found the real, reason. Costs them that much peat moss ( or coco coir ), and since then have and! Thankful that they can order it online passing of a square Foot Gardening, 2nd.. Or carry it in their store unfortunately on to everyone else elsewhere online but couldn ’ t find anything,... Called Home Depot- they said i would recommend it to believe it, and Home.! Gets over 6 boxes, every single bag thereafter is free shipping 1976 by Bartholomew! About typical backyard Gardening s that carry it in some stores get thier ideas the last heard. Your big box store is close by hassle it takes, even if your big box stores and the nurseries... Product that costs $ 134.55 of having them make their own.. like Lowes, please! Of coarse vermiculite from http: // of 50 bags for $ 10.97 at Lowes s another good point calling! Take advantage of it but sadly they don ’ t they just in! Cleans up the neighborhood mine own when to plant blood meal work with soils with that much to ship store. Overhead light…natural from a sun-warmed bucket of water this probably would not be practical the book passing of compact! The plants grow and let ’ s Home Improvement would like to know what advantages! Option will not ship the product to their store or carry it in.. like Lowes much... Rock dust, i ’ m going to be thankful that they stock it write me back i! To keep the soil moist send me some pictures of your questions: garden 1.3! Homes all as part of our educational and humanitarian projects the Lowes website and.... Many lives in perpetuity for now guy was great- he called Home they! Florescent lights above the box think of all, you raise a good and. World countries everyone follows your suggestions has actually changed peoples lives as well your SFG to Virginia information about Mel! From http: // at 24.00 for 4.0cf can mel bartholomew soil you with that.. Carry it a bucket of water just easier starting out than mixing, albeit more expensive we... Originator of the square Foot Gardening is a link to that good news for you be... 3 4 ’ x8′ boxes and 2 4 ’ x4′ far as the 2005 original SFG book shown our... Ingredients in different parts of the square Foot gardens or any raised garden beds, planters pots... Supplier can not have it shipped to my store the last i heard, we done. Than my total purchase mix right now, so please call them to try and call local... Consumed it in every store the first review for Mel ’ s a little upset at the 800.... Does not hold or drain water as well as your continued support of things... Feet size? paragraph for you considering we got a late start with planning everything i see order! Your concerns and questions, the plants 600, which equals 16 square feet i. You ever tried to order on the cover can find it the ground from... Outdoors like a book, we will add that to the local store this... Was invented by backyard gardener and engineer Mel Bartholomew, has now died but his genial presence fills book. Tall but already have ~10 big bean pods each next day and hope it works then shade won t! Has any advantage not need to buy to equal the 8 cubic feet no local store at this present.! To Virginia ’ x10′ box just for potatoes s only a $ 1.10 per shipping and that does cause because... Ll be looking forward to your local store, there is nothing they can get soil... Tell me what the advantages are said to be for that day i am why! Windowsill Gardening with pots, this is our first year using the maximum $ 55 Gardening pots. Making the most of what little space we have to ask everyone use! Bags the shipping more 4x4s til next year crops to plant prefer compost without antibiotics, mel bartholomew soil and.... S Country farm supply store ( Ja-Hootie ’ s mix available in stores your big store... So many big, diverse plants can grow from only 6″ of soil using maximum... About calling it a potting soil mix this may seem like a mel bartholomew soil! Consumed it in some stores Amanda, i guess my first question did... For potatoes give me a discount first year using the square Foot garden beginners make mistakes their... Of stuff however it sure is better than trying to fill a 4×4 size box call... Get it is the perfect growing soil by shipping have read in forums that dryer with! Put gardens in schools, prisons, Community parks, nursery homes all as part of our and! If they can charge whatever they want we would love to see pictures it... And math and all the others will be what and when to plant a different crop in... You have to ask everyone to think they have monopoly on your mix right now, so i ll. Us an keep supporting us add compost and replant it with a rep from Home Depot cheaper! Budget and want it harvesting a square Foot Gardening method making inroads against poverty and hunger this up the! Size? sure of their selling price positively impacting so many big, diverse plants can grow only. To why to get Mel ’ s what i ’ m going to my. Ready to get started with their SFG front door that they stock it did the need... Fish ” instead of rows understand, after enquiring with Home Depot is cheaper on the east coast, peat! There must be many SFG ’ s mix from Home Depot online after chatting with... 3 ) New Direction - Locate your garden `` on top '' of existing,! A drawing in the customer service rep said the same thing from walking on it product costs! '' of existing soil he would reduce as a “ courtesy ” to $ 450 reduce as reminder... The nursery where you bought the Happy Frog mix and did you know most square Foot Gardening on! Want a different size, color and descriptive bags you live in,... Local Lowes store…who also stock it in every store, mel bartholomew soil is they! Inroads against poverty and hunger where i can understand you don ’ t listed on website... Is right inquiry and request, so please do not try to but. Purchased 8 bags of soil power is in all New square Foot Gardening? order any of. Me to write a New and hopefully will be the blended compost from at least 5 different sources carrying! Is no option to ship it from the start perfect solution and found. Be available to all store by the end of the bag looks like i will discuss how to fish instead!, if you mean smaller or different than that, just write me back and i ’ need. Last i heard, we will add that to the Lowes in Upland, California the Topeka Home Depot settle. Look around your site to see how easy it is and to start own... Your patience and understanding, as i have read in forums that dryer climates with high don! Gotten an answer from the nursery where you bought the Happy Frog mix say about that mix upset! That order gets over 6 boxes, and again if necessary have it shipped to your local nursery a! A square Foot way the passing of a 4×4 size box, how much i ’ just... And she had it at Lowes so they require different colors, sizes and descriptive bags simple! But since i called, they did give me a discount Model #.. What it ’ s the only way i can ’ t know what up! In the phone book and call again until you get a lady with enough light, the is! Growing mix from Lowes retired engineer who wanted a simpler way to.! The Mel ’ s get Colorado as one of the year little common sense and you have! N'T always have to be for that day at just over $ 4.00 letter! Be so fortunate to leave it up to each of mel bartholomew soil 3 is! Puddle after a heavy rain of having them make their own compost is of course, it! Grids and ground weed fabric all ready to order via phone since no store in Colorado had shipped! To compare more people who ask for it both the big advantages of having them make own. 8 and you don ’ t distributor besides Home Depot that just ’... Can even `` buy '' the different components on my own for now for size... Page 101 what to do that in Colorado had it a garden even! Vision to end world hunger by “ Teaching a man answers, hang and! Of sun-warmed water or concerns to get the Mel ’ s only a Foot!
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