Architectural Services

CDDS offer an all-inclusive solution that will cater to the different Architectural BIM requirements. We are experts in this domain and have been serving this industry for a good number of years. We understand the significance and benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the present-day construction industry. Our team works alongside builders, general contractors, engineers and architects for presenting their project in a BIM model and help them save money and time. We have an exceptionally skilled and talented team who will offer you accurate results as per these standards-BIS, ISO, ASTM and ACI. Our architectural BIM services will cover every area including making building information models right from the sketch, CAD drawings, analysis, documentation in BIM, content creation and clash detection.

CDDS Architectural BIM Service Portfolio

At CDDS the different architectural BIM services that we offer are as follows,

  • Architecture-exterior and interior modelling
  • Cost estimation
  • Scheduling and phasing
  • Bill of materials
  • Bill of quantities
  • Coordination model
  • Construction drawing

We work with Accuracy and Finesse

We strive in meeting and exceeding every industry standard and can assist you in all forms of projects no matter the industry and size. Our team is specialized at perfecting all forms of interior designs making use of the sketches, drawings and drafts that were created during your design phase. With an expertise to work on minute and intricate elements in detail and an eye for detail we build up a BIM Model that will help our user to see every element associated to it. Special attention is given to details such as materials, colours, high-rises, free stretching spaces, vertical boundaries and facade appearance and also furnishings, lighting, finishes, flooring, space distribution and textures.

Our aim is to bring a smile on your face by delivering you with optimum results. Wish to know more? Get in touch with us at the earliest.