Fire Protection

CDDS is highly competent to handle fire protection needs within the budget and on time. The fire protection industry can reap a lot of benefits from our BIM technology because it encompasses much more than merely passive and active suppression systems but the life safety of the occupants and the buildings as a whole. We offer expertise for design, detailing and also installation of firefighting systems and possess the technical know-how for formulating preliminary design concepts as well as draft recommendations either from the structure’s concept drawings or from the preliminary design data.

Ensuring Maximum Safety

No architect will ever want his/her creation in going up in flames. The failure to include proper fire protection for the occupants of a building will result in a tragic scenario. Defence mechanisms like sprinklers or exit routes which reflects the building’s design is of utmost significance to keep the occupants inside safe during an emergency. We at CDDS will do special co-ordination with the engineers to help you have a good understanding of the effective use of fire defences for ensuring cost effectiveness and maximum safety. Along with helping you to plan the location of emergency doors, smoke detectors, fire control panels and sprinkler networks it will also provide you knowledge as to how fires behave, and buildings react.

CDDS’ Fire Protection Service Index

We at CDDS offer the following Fire Protection BIM Services namely,

  • Fuel gas management
  • Modelling of the fire alarm system
  • Design and also preparation of foam system, water spray, hydrant and sprinkler layout drawings
  • Design and also preparation of the Schematic diagrams
  • Calculations for the quantity of gas for a fire suppression system
  • Pump sizing calculation and calculation for the water storage capacity
  • Sprinkler, gas suppression and smoke detection system
At CDDS we are highly successful in commercial, residential, institutional industries and industrial completing projects that comprise of new buildings, retro-fit of the existing building and additions. Installing and maintaining fire protection BIM models in different forms of buildings is our specialty. All our services are as per NFPA codes and standards.

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